Over the last decade we’ve experienced the rise and rise of open-source software for big data and big scale. That was indeed a big leap forward, yet I’ve become disillusioned with much of the surrounding hype. Rants aside, here’s where I think the underlying issues are, and most importantly: what we can do about it. It’s my personal take, so perhaps I should open with my own story.

Interesting Times

Each of us have our own path in software development, from adolescence to adulthood. I can trace my own first real job to around 1998.

Back then, real servers were still made…

For more context on why this project came to be, see: All Clusters Must Serve, All Clusters Must Die. To learn if cloud native actually means anything, read on.

The Challenge

As a SaaS vendor, success is getting your product installed in websites and apps which many millions of people frequent daily. Whether you’re selling tools for analytics, recommendations, personalization, guided onboarding, surveys, media serving or whatnot, one crucial feature for your customers is the ability to freely explore the complexities of end-user behavior, to understand the makeup and value of distinct user groups and evolve the site accordingly — potentially tailoring…

Elad Rosenheim

Software (develop, architect, manage, imagine)

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