• Eyal Trabelsi

    Eyal Trabelsi

    Eyal is a data engineer at Salesforce with a passion for performance. His main areas of expertise are within data-intensive applications, improvement of process

  • Alongalant


  • Nir Atias

    Nir Atias

  • Keren Koshman

    Keren Koshman

    Product manager, mother of three, creating magic. I believe that product is a way of life.

  • Dudu Lemberberg

    Dudu Lemberberg

  • Rob Finneran

    Rob Finneran

  • Alon Aizenberg

    Alon Aizenberg

    Development / Product manager — @alonaizenberg on Twitter.

  • Daniel Sef

    Daniel Sef

    Passionate Data/Software Engineer and Intrapreneur interested in data architectures, streaming systems, machine learning, deep learning and Digital Products.

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